wedding tips for men

4 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Party

There are some pretty simple initial steps to planning a wedding, some starting just hours after the engagement news. You’ll have to narrow down a guest list, figure out when you’d like to get married, and nail down a venue. All that happens pretty quickly, but another question you have to answer in the first few weeks/months of planning is: who is going to be in your wedding party?

5 Styling Tips For Grooms Wedding Day Hair

How a groom looks and feels is important, but apart from having a well-tailored suit and feeling fit, there’s not much else that goes into the look. Except for the hair. Gentlemen, it’s all about the hair.

Pre-Wedding Trip Ideas. Because, Why Not?

Here are some easy ideas to get a quick getaway (assuming you’re flying out of Atlanta) before you walk down the aisle. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did. 

Man Up: Getting in Shape for that Wedding Tuxedo

There is plenty of material out there on how women can get in shape in the months, weeks and days leading up to a wedding. But what about the men? Are they supposed to just sit around and eat doughnuts (yes, it’s been a week we still love doughnuts)? They’re in the wedding photos, too... right?

weights vs cardio

Men, we say stand up, get out there and get in shape for your wedding day! Don’t let the ladies have all the fun. Now, we’re not talking about bulking up and trying to fit into your tux looking like this. No, we’re talking about dropping a few pounds and feeling good about yourself. After all, confidence is one of the most attractive things about a man. Am I right, ladies?  

We’ve put together some ways for the men to look (and feel) just as good as their lady counterpart... well, maybe close. A bride always takes the day -- it's just facts. Women, you’re welcome.

Diet. Diet. Diet.

Yes, you may have heard this over and over and over again, but it’s for a reason. Your diet is the No. 1 priority when starting an exercise regiment. You can spend hours at the gym blasting your pecs or killing your cardio, but the reality of it is it’s all for not if you don’t have the diet to go along with it.

It all starts with breakfast (most important meal of the day, right?) Think whole wheats and natural grains. They’ll help you stay full the longest. Don’t touch the doughnuts. We get they may be the best thing on this planet, but don’t touch ‘em… until after the wedding.

Honestly, we don't need to go through the rest of the day's meals. It’s not rocket science: portion control, lots of veggies and some lean meats and you’re good to go. There is plenty of literature out there on how to construct a great diet.  

We will advice, however, if you’re looking for a beer, reach for a Guinness. Yes, seriously. A Guinness contains about as much alcohol as a Bud Light and only about 15 more calories per equal serving. So, yeah, cheers to that!

Cardio vs. Weight Lifting

You may think it’s time to strap on the running shoes and hit the treadmill, but the truth is a cardio-only program may end up hurting you. Cardio, in heavy doses, breaks down muscle and, as you may know, muscle can be pretty important.

On the flip side, if you completely ignore cardio, your cardiorespiratory system won’t receive the benefits. So, the idea here is to do both, but lean a little more on the lifting side. Trust us, it’s science.

Just Do It

Sorry, not sorry Nike. The answer to weight loss isn’t hidden for Indiana Jones to find. It’s honestly just as simple as doing something positive every day. Switching that burger for a salad or skipping the elevator and walking up the stairs to your office are great starts.

If you want faster results, enhance those efforts and you’ll see it. Keep those efforts going and you’ll look awesome on your honeymoon and first anniversary. You may even find yourself working out as a couple.

Trust us, just get out there and you’ll be glad you did.

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