southern wedding tips

4 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Party

There are some pretty simple initial steps to planning a wedding, some starting just hours after the engagement news. You’ll have to narrow down a guest list, figure out when you’d like to get married, and nail down a venue. All that happens pretty quickly, but another question you have to answer in the first few weeks/months of planning is: who is going to be in your wedding party?

Pre-Wedding Trip Ideas. Because, Why Not?

Here are some easy ideas to get a quick getaway (assuming you’re flying out of Atlanta) before you walk down the aisle. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did. 

How Not to Get Sick Before Your Wedding Day (And Small Advice if You Do)

It may be everyone’s worst nightmare: waking up on your wedding day to find that the cold or flu has reared its ugly head and your walk down the aisle may be filled with cold sweats and trying not to cough over your future spouse while saying “I do.”