Pros and Cons of Southern Wedding Months

Much like tourist seasons in different locales across the world, the wedding industry has its peak season. The question is, if you’re planning a wedding, how much competition do you have when it comes to booking venues and vendors? Well, it could depend on the month, so be aware when the most popular times of year are to tie the knot.

Of course, popular months can vary depending on the region of the country or world you’re planning for, but we’ll just focus on the South. Obviously the biggest factor in determining popular seasons is the weather. Too hot and you’re asking for a large drying cleaning bill. Too cold and you’ll have a frigid wedding party.

So arm yourself with some knowledge when planning for a time of year for your wedding. Check out some of our thoughts on the most popular and least popular times of year to host a wedding and why.

Popular Crowd



  • Pros: Excellent weather (assuming the pollen count has dropped) and Memorial Day weekend allows guests time to travel.

  • Cons: The potential for a sudden shower and high competition with booking venues/vendors.


  • Pros: While it’s hot during the day, it can cool off in the evening and into the night (maybe an indoor-outdoor event would be good) and the sun is out making it the best month for natural light.

  • Cons: It’s hot and humid during the day. Your ceremony could get a bit sticky if you don’t plan well.


  • Pros: The temperatures have started to drop and it’s pleasant to be outside again and Labor Day weekend can make for flexible travel dates.

  • Cons: Football season is kicking off, so you could have competition on some big football weekends.


  • Pros: Weather patterns are predictable and cooler weather can make an outdoor ceremony perfect.

  • Cons: Make sure it doesn’t get too cold at night, so plan for an earlier ceremony.

The Late-Bloomers


  • Pros: Mother Earth is starting to wake up after a winter’s nap, so everything is in bloom. Spring break for most schools is in March, so a lot of flexibility for travel.

  • Cons: Mother Earth could still have sleepy eyes and it could be frigid or rainy on your date.


  • Pros: The weather is starting to warm up and the scenery is beautiful will all the blooming wildlife.

  • Cons: It’s a pretty rainy month, not to mention the high pollen count. Stock up on Allegra.


  • Pros: It’s summer and you can feed off the energy. Plus, school is out and families are able to travel easier.

  • Cons: It’s hot. Like, really hot. Stay inside at all costs.


  • Pros: You can probably find and book the venue/vendor of your choice and the weather is temperate, mostly.

  • Cons: Football. Seriously, you know how many big games there are in November? Like, all of them. Plus, it can get kind of cold and Thanksgiving could interfere.

The Outcasts



  • Pros: Besides being able to book venues and vendors easily, you can embrace winter and have a gorgeous wedding.

  • Cons: It’s cold. Like, really cold, so wear a jacket and encourage your guests to as well.


  • Pros: See January.

  • Cons: See January… just colder.


  • Pros: You’re before football season, so you won’t have to worry about Uncle Jerry bailing to catch the game.

  • Cons: It’s miserably hot and school is starting again, so you have to plan for that.


  • Pros: A holiday wedding can be inspiring and memorable, if done right. Venues and vendors should be available, too.

  • Cons: It’s cold and potential guests may have travel plans for the holidays.

Whether you’re getting married in May or November, you’ll need a DJ to help out at your wedding reception. Our Atlanta-based crew at Nice Entertainment can meet (and likely exceed) your expectations for wedding entertainment. Drop us a line to find out more!