What to Get Your Fiancé for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t thought of anything to give your soon-to-be wife or husband, then let us help you out. It can be difficult to keep the romance alive in any relationship, but with the added stress of planning a wedding, that pressure can sometimes build. That being said, it’s still super important to show the one you love that they are just that.

Now, we’re not talking about cheesy Hallmark cards or a dozen Kroger roses, so close your Nicholas Sparks novel and listen up. A good Valentine’s Day gift does not require a fancy dinner or expensive jewelry -- in fact, restaurants can be crowded and Valentine's Day jewelry can cost as much as a car. A good gift solely requires thought and a touch of creativity. Here are some ideas to help get your thoughtful juices flowing.

For Her

Polaroid pictures are back en vogue and you should jump on board. This year, get a Polaroid camera and lots of film to go with it. Take a picture of your fiancé every day leading up to your wedding and write her a little note to go with each. Picking out flowers for the wedding? Take a picture of her sniffing each pedal. Trying to figure out a budget and stressing a bit? Lighten the mood with a fun photo and an uplifting note.

She’ll be sure to get a kick out of all the pictures and will love the continued effort of the gift. Also, it’ll be fun to look back after the event and see the planning process.

For Him


Baseball season is coming up and whether your fiancé is a diehard Braves fan or, at best, a casual onlooker, baseball games are a blast. So, plan a weekend where you get him and some of his friends tickets to a game and a tailgating “starter pack” to go with it. You can find tickets fairly inexpensively and if it’s a weekend game, the group can make a whole day out of it: grilling, playing tailgating games and enjoying the atmosphere.

If you want to amp it up a little, have everything planned ahead of time, and just give him the date of the game as a present, asking him to have it open. Drop him off at the tailgating spot where his friends will be waiting with a cold beer. Play ball!

Note: we know baseball games with friends is not “romantic,” but showing someone you put effort into their happiness is the most romantic thing in the world. Plus, you could get some wedding stuff done or have a day for yourself, too.

For Both of You

A lot of couples opt for a romantic candlelit dinner at an expensive restaurant and as much as we like dining out, we say skip the restaurant and cook at home. A good idea is to come up with a menu together, planning out a first, second and third course for dinner (followed by dessert, of course).

The menu is up to you -- try something new or stick to an old favorite, but the key is to cook together. So, turn up the record, open a bottle of wine and dance while your meal is cooking.

Pro tip: take up the dinner a notch with wine pairings. You’ll feel like you’re in a four-star restaurant and you’ll have a conversation piece with each course.

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