How Not to Get Sick Before Your Wedding Day (And Small Advice if You Do)

It may be everyone’s worst nightmare: waking up on your wedding day to find that the cold or flu has reared its ugly head and your walk down the aisle may be filled with cold sweats and trying not to cough over your future spouse while saying “I do.”

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But, the reality is that it’s a possibility, and while flu season is in full swing in the South, there are things you can do to avoid the gross, horrible, no good sickness on your big day. Let’s take a look.

PS: we’re not doctors, nor do we claim to be thought leaders in any particular wellness industry. But, we are people who like not being sick and we can Google things and use common sense.

Diet, diet, diet

We’ve talked some about getting in shape before your wedding and your diet’s place in that endeavor, but a good diet has other benefits. Watching what you eat, especially when it comes to your sugar and alcohol intake, is essential.

According to, “like alcohol, sugar inhibits white blood cells from engulfing bacteria and viruses.” Essentially, the more sugar you have, the harder it is for your body to fight off gross things.

Besides the obvious

We could talk on how it’s important to wash your hands, get plenty of sleep, drink a bunch of water, etc, but that wouldn’t be informative for you, would it? We want to talk about stress. Yes, that tricky little thing most of us are familiar with. Stress can be an immune system killer, so you have to find a way to release that bad energy.

Whether it’s a massage or a jog around the park, whatever you need to do to release some negative energy in your life, do it.

Oh, wait… I’m sick

Listen, getting sick during important days -- like your wedding -- happens, and if it does, you need to deal with it. The first rule is… don’t freak out (remember that stress thing). The best thing to do is try to nip it in the bud with some at-home remedies: hot tea, warm baths, over-the-counter medicine, if necessary.

Think about skipping some pre-wedding activities and resting up. Do you really have to be there for brunch? Pick and choose what you do. We’re guessing you can catch some extra ‘Zs’ in there somewhere.

We hope you don’t get sick before your wedding because we love seeing rocking brides and grooms. Let us know if you’re curious about our wedding DJ and live music packages -- we’d love to talk about your event.