Why Spring is a Great Time to Get Married


The weather in the South is on the verge of turning beautiful for a couple of months and, well, at the risk of sounding lame, Spring is in the air. Not only does Spring in the South signal the mass migration from inside to outside on Sunday afternoons, but it also drops the green flag on wedding season.

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If you know anyone that is getting married this year, it’s pretty likely they’re pulling the trigger in the Spring, and who can blame them? Springtime offers some of the best weather, beautiful colors and scenery, and enough days where it’s easy for a lot of people to travel. But, just in case you need some more convincing, here are three reasons why Spring is a great season to tie the knot.

In Bloom

While Kurt Cobain would’ve turned 50 this week, we’re not talking about Nirvana. Spring can be a beautiful time of year, especially April, when everything is blooming and all the flowers and trees are at their brightest. Not to mention temperatures hardly ever top 80 degrees the whole month.

April is likely the nicest of all the Spring months, as it tends to be less rainy than March, but not nearly as hot as May.

Pro tip: April is a pretty popular month to get married, so make sure to reserve all your vendors early.

Embrace the Outdoors

A big wedding trend this year is a “reconnection with nature,” and that reconnection is WAY more comfortable in the Spring (or Fall, but you run into football season - more on that in a minute). Our guess is you’ll see a lot more weddings embracing the natural world -- colors, food, etc. -- not only to stay on trend, but to reduce a carbon footprint.

It’s easier to get people on board to celebrate the great outdoors when they’re not freezing or sweating. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility with choosing a venue, not having to look for just an indoor spot. 

Less Competition

While the Spring is a busy time for many wedding vendors and venues, there tends to be less competition in the Spring for your guests. Plenty of federal holidays and Spring Break help with travel, if some of your guests have to come many miles to join the party.

But, and maybe more importantly, it’s not football season and you won’t have to compete with the Southeastern Conference for your guest’s attention (trust us, we know that can be an uphill battle).

We love Spring weddings and can help make your event the best it can be -- outside or indoors. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.