3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Engaged Couples

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you don’t have a plan it’s either because A) you don’t care at all about the day (maybe even describe it as a “Hallmark” holiday) or B) thrive on last-minute plans.

coffee date

If you’re in the latter category, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled what we think are three really awesome last-minute ideas for Valentine’s Day for engaged couples. Scientific? Not really. Helpful? Absolutely.

Culinary Showdown

If you don’t get super pumped for Valentine’s Day and especially aren’t thrilled at the prospect of going out to dinner, we suggest you and your soon-to-be spouse square off in the kitchen. Instead of one person doing all the heavy lifting, why not give each other a dish -- with a twist?

As a couple, decide on one thing to make -- think grilled cheese or personal lasagna, etc -- and see who can make the best. Odds are both dishes will be delicious and the element of “competition” takes an ordinary dinner and spices it up (pun totally intended).

Pro tip: good wine. That’s it.

Skip Day

It’s not too late to chalk up another “sick day” and spend the whole day on nothing but fun. Hear us out here. We think your boss will understanding taking a day to celebrate love, so use one of your sick days and get out and explore the city as a couple.

We suggest starting off at an awesome coffee shop and planning out your day. If you’re into restaurants, spend the day eating and drinking your way through Atlanta. Love art? Think about a day at the High Museum or checking out some of the great street art the city has to offer.

Whatever you do, do it as a couple and take full advantage of your day off!

Pro tip: eat a bunch.

A Weekend Road Trip

Can’t bail out of work on short notice tomorrow? Have zero skills in the kitchen? We have you covered. Surprise your loved one with a promise of a quick weekend road trip. Destination? Wherever you want: Charleston, Savannah, Nashville, Asheville, or any other awesome driveable city.

Spend your time there eating, drinking, exploring, and just being happy with each other.

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