3 Cool Wedding Food Ideas that Will Have Your Guest Talking

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we know what everyone is thinking about: all the good food that is about to come out of the oven in millions of households across the nation. From the stuffing to turkey to cranberry sauce, it’s likely the most traditional meal you’ll get all year -- and that’s totally fine with us!

cool wedding food

But where food doesn’t have to be “traditional” is at a wedding. Yeah, we went there. Chicken or beef? Fish or pork? Veggie or meat? Those checked question boxes on your invitations are no more! Have some fun with your wedding menu with some of these cool wedding food ideas that will help break up some of the monotony of the traditional menu.

Long gone are the days of chicken breasts and potatoes! Enjoy!

Taco Tuesday

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays anymore. Yes, we are totally advocating for you to serve your wedding guests tacos. Who doesn’t love tacos? If you take the taco bar approach, everyone can feel like they’re getting exactly what they want -- from your vegetarians to your carnivores.

Are tacos a bit, well, pedestrian? Heck no! Tacos are so customizable that you get as fancy or stay as plain as you’d like. And again, who doesn’t love tacos?

Pro tip: make sure the guacamole is legit or you may have a riot on your hands.

Did we say that everyone loves tacos? 

Truck It In

We know picking a catering company can be a bit tough and maybe you’re thinking your wedding menu is not going to please everyone. Well, we have an idea for you: food trucks! Hear us out. Food trucks are abundant, especially in places like Atlanta, Charleston and Asheville, and maybe you can work out a deal to get a couple to come cater your wedding. Or a fleet -- your choice.

Imagine how cool that would be!

Pro tip: this may be better for an outside wedding during the spring or fall… it’s hard to convince venues to let a truck drive in.

It’s All about presentation

Maybe you want the traditional food. Maybe you want doughnuts. Maybe you want a coffee bar. Hey, we’re behind you 100 percent. There is no right or wrong answer for what you should serve at your wedding, but you should think about how you present it. It could be as simple as putting beer in a wheelbarrow if you’re going for the rustic look, or putting soup in shooter glasses you’re having people stand and interact during drinks and apps.

Pro tip: Pinterest.

Cool food is always a memorable thing about a wedding, but most people say what happens on the dance floor is what they take away from a wedding. While we may not be the best chefs, we’re great a throwing a party. Drop us a line to see what we can do for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Nice Entertainment!