3 Tips for An Awesome Summer Wedding in the South


As we say goodbye to April and welcome in those May flowers, summer is right around the corner in the South and you know what that means: heat. Humid, humid heat.

But there are some great things about summer in the South (and that may be the most obvious statement to ever grace the digital pages of our blog). The summer is a great time to hit the lake, fire up the grill, catch an evening game at SunTrust Park, and bid the pollen adieu for another year. But it’s also super hot, so there a more than a handful of couples that plan their wedding around the summer months.

summer wedding tips

While we get it, if done right, summer weddings can be really, really great. Here are three summer wedding tips to make sure you have a great event, even in the middle of a sweltering summer.

Have An A/C Retreat

This one may seem obvious, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it. We support your outdoor wedding, but if you’re having a wedding in August in Atlanta, you should for sure have an indoor area where you guests can cool off for a bit. If you want your guests to stick around for more than 30 minutes, then this is essential.

If for some reason you can’t get an indoor area, then think about renting fans, misters, or portable A/C units. Seriously, invest in A/C.

Pro tip: don’t even think about metal chairs. Seriously. Don’t.

Plan the Menu Accordingly

Mashed potatoes, fried, chicken, mac and cheese, etc. are fantastic Southern dishes and should be cherished for the jewels they are, but they can be very heavy. Couple that with a day that could reach triple digits in temperature and you have the recipe for miserable guests. What we’re saying is go for a lighter menu that won’t leave your guests weigh down and sluggish. Maybe a light salad, fish, summer fruits and veggies, and, of course, plenty of not-super-sweet lemonade.

Speaking of drinks, make sure you have a ton of water on deck… and maybe a few pitchers of mojitos or margaritas.

Pro tip: lemon, lime, and mint. Stock up.

Keep It Casual

No one wants to be in a three-piece suit or a long gown in the summer, so make sure you’re clear about the dress code. Linen is king here. Summer dresses and sandals should make an appearance and sunglasses should be the accessory of choice.

While we’re on the sunglass subject, a good party gift could be a fun pair of sunglasses for each guess. Maybe it’s just us, but you can’t have enough sunglasses.

Pro tip: more sunglasses.

Get your summer wedding on, love birds! If you want to keep the party jamming, let us know. We’ve done hundreds of Southern weddings and know how to work the dance floor. Drop us a line if you want some more info or if you just want to chat.