4 Wedding Ring Trends to Expect in 2017

Sure, we may be late to the game, but it’s wedding season, so what better time to talk about wedding ring trends for 2017 than now! As we all know, a wedding ring is the symbol of binding, lasting love, representing the commitment two people take publicly. It also is in a ton of photos, so its importance should not be understated.

wedding ring trends 2017

But while the classic designs remain a staple in the wedding industry, there are some cool trends to pay attention to if you’re in the market for a wedding ring. Of course, ultimately what you decide on is based on a couple of things: your preference and your budget. We totally support you doing you, so shine on you crazy diamond!

Color Accent

Adding a splash of color to a wedding ring was big last year and that trend is carrying over into 2017. We totally get it. A different color metal or a color gemstone alongside a diamond can be elegant and fun!

We really enjoy the emerald and diamond combo set in a gold band.


While using a family heirloom to profess your love is hard to beat, there are some new rings with a vintage feel. These designs typically transcend time and fads and will look as great 30 years from now as they do today.

Think about a Victorian designs when shopping for vintage-inspired rings.


Simple is sexy. If you want a big rock on your finger, we totally get and support it! But some are opting for a more understated approach. Think one band and one diamond or a simple band with small, closely set diamonds.

You can’t go wrong with a classic look and if you’re looking to stay very simple, think about a single platinum band.

Rose Gold

Rose gold wedding bands have become one of the most popular bands for engagement and wedding rings and we can see why. It’s timeless and elegant, but also warm and is pretty flattering across a lot of skin types.

What we’re saying is: you can’t go wrong with rose gold.

We’re excited that you’re looking around for advice on wedding rings. We love weddings and have for a long time. Let us know if you’re looking for some tips on wedding planning or need a no-stress entertainment solution for your wedding.