Awesome Wedding Video Ideas for Your Big Day

Video is a huge part of our 21st Century life and it’s not slowing down. In fact, 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook every day, and that stat is from about a year ago, so who know what it could be now? 150 million? We’d take the over on that.

The point is video dominates how we share memories and there are very few memories worth sharing like your wedding day. So let’s take a look at how these wedding video ideas can up your video game on your big day.

wedding video ideas

Shoot for Social

Why do you have wedding videos? So you can look fondly at them 25 years from now and wonder where the days went? Maybe, but the reality is you’re going to share them all over your social pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. So if that’s the truth, then why not shoot your video knowing that?

The way we view video online is different, so think about editing to a 1:1 ratio - meaning the video displays as a square rather than a movie screen rectangle, adding display text (because who turns on the sound on their phones while scrolling through Facebook?), and keeping it short.

So yes, we want you to market your video to your friends and family. They’ll dig it.

Don’t Take Forever to Edit

The editing process can drag, but there are a couple of ways to help get your video to the public eye faster. Talk with your videographer before you commit to this, but shorter videos help. Think about running a series of wedding videos instead of one long one. Worked for Netflix right?

Same day or one-day edits are a thing and the energy of the night can carry over into your video sharing mission.

GoPro, GoPro, GoPro

Whether you and your videographer attach a GoPro to something stationary or moving (we’ve all seen the video where the camera is attached to the Fireball bottle), it’s bound to add a cool element to your video. Plus, if you have to go out and buy one, you’ll have it for your honeymoon. Can you say snorkeling with turtles?

People love the first-person perspective and if you can find a fun way to go about it, it’ll really liven up your video.

No video is complete without a great soundtrack, so let us give you one. Nice Entertainment has provided wedding DJs in Atlanta for years and we love seeing people happy. Plus, a rockin’ dance floor makes for great video. Just sayin’. Drop us a line if you have any questions about what we do or want to talk about how we can help with your wedding.