3 Ways to Make Sure Your Dance Floor is Awesome

One of the most memorable things about a wedding is the music and, of course, the dance floor. We’ve talked at length about this actuality, but we figured we’d up it just a bit. Instead of just letting you know that it is important, we want to tell you how to make it awesome!

We expect that you’d like to make your wedding a fun and totally memorable event and a packed, well-done dance floor can be its epicenter. So, here are some tips to make sure that people stay dancing all night and leave with huge smiles and sore legs.

wedding dance floor tips

Make Sure the DJ Rocks

Hiring the right entertainment, whether it’s a wedding DJ or a live wedding band, is super important to the vibe of the dance floor and the party. We know that seems like a softball answer, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Good wedding DJs, like the ones at Nice Entertainment, know what to look for and are trained to read a crowd, not just play “Cupid Shuffle” on repeat. Inversely, good DJs also know how to blend the bride and groom’s wish list into the night so you can hear all your favorite jams while dancing on a packed floor.

Dance Floor Planning

This may be the second-most important step to ensuring that your guests are cutting rugs all night long. A well thought out dance floor is essential if you want to jam out. There are a couple things to think about here: size, position, and when you want to crank it up.

Your dance floor size will (obviously) depend on the size of your guest list. But be careful not to make it too small, or maybe more importantly, too big. People like dancing on a full dance floor (it helps to mask bad dance moves), so make sure it doesn’t feel empty, even if the majority of the party is dancing. Rule of thumb is about 40-50% of your party will dance and you’ll need between 3-5 square feet per person.

Think about where you’re putting the dance floor. Too far away from the bar and people may congregate at the watering hole, so make sure you don’t have to trek across the Sahara to fill up your wine glass or grab a snack.

Also, think about when you want to get your dance party on. Is it a good idea to cut the dance vibes to cut the cake or should you do that before playing that lit tune? At the end of the day it’s your wedding, but it can be hard to crank the energy up a few different times.

Cut That Run Yourself

If you’re not dancing at your wedding, why would you expect other people to? Of course you may not be able to groove the whole night, but you can for sure kick things off. If you’re into it, let the DJ know that you want to have a group dance and he or she can help facilitate the moves. Use your resources, but also lead by example.

Plus, dancing rules.

If you’re looking for a great wedding DJ in Atlanta, drop us a line. We’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and know how to keep a dance floor jamming. We’d love to talk to you about how we do it.