5 Fall Wedding Color Schemes You Should Seriously Consider

It’s August and although the temperature still screams “Summer!” it may be time to start thinking about what fall has to offer. For couples and wedding planners, fall is a great time to really embrace the season for your wedding theme.

fall colors for weddings

That theme starts with picking your colors. From dresses to table decorations to flowers, colors can really make your wedding feel like driving through the North Georgia mountains as the leaves are changing. Here are five wedding color schemes you should seriously consider using at your event.

Tiffany Blue and Co.

Tiffany blue really emphasizes elegance and if you couple it with fall colors like maroon and toffee, you can tap into what is awesome about fall. Think about pulling in ivory and carnation pink into this color combo, too.

Eggplant: Not Just for Dinner

Deep purple is a color historically reserved for royalty and using eggplant purple at your wedding can help you achieve a red carpet feel. Pair eggplant with white and pastel blue and green for a truly classy wedding venue.

Go Bright or Go Home

Bright color combinations can be awesome for fall weddings. Think red orange and lilac next to deep teal and caramel. The orange and lilac will really pop next to the earthy colors of teal and caramel.

Pale Can Be Perfect

If you want a more subtle look, maybe for an outdoor wedding, think about pale yellow. That, coupled with yellow and ruby red can really help you achieve a natural autumn look at your wedding.

Georgia Peach

If you’re getting married in Georgia, it could be a fun color to play with. Peach and green go great with each other and come in tons of different shades. Whether you want bright and bold or natural and reserved, you can achieve it with peach and green.

While we may not be the expert on color combos (we’re really good at Googleing and have done hundreds of weddings), we are the expert on making sure your wedding comes to life. Let us know if you’d like to talk about how to have colorful entertainment at your wedding.