Is it cool to not have a wedding party? Yes, totally.

It may be the first thing you do after you get engaged and for a lot of people, the most important task in planning a wedding. That’s right, picking out the flavor of cake (or pie) you’re going to serve at the reception.

wedding party

Just kidding (we know we’re hilarious). Choosing who, and how many, makes the cut for your wedding party is a huge decision that can be difficult for people. If you find yourself currently in this position, then maybe you’re asking yourself: “How many people in a wedding party is too little or too much?”

The answer: there is no hardline answer, but our research has lead to a not-so-scientific thinking that it’s OK to have none. (Disclaimer: we totally dig wedding parties, but we totally dig your right to choose.)

Yes, you read that correctly. Picking a wedding party may feel like you’re picking teams in a pickup basketball game with all of your friends: you want the best team, but don’t want to hurt the feelings of those who are great cheerleaders, but not so good at basketball. And maybe the teams would be lopsided and unfair (think USA basketball in the Olympics). So, it’s totally cool (and kind of chic) to have no one in your wedding party.

Now hear us out. We’re not saying you should skip asking your close friends and family to support you during the ceremony. In fact, you can ask more of them to. Instead of wanting some of your friends to wear the same dress or spend hundreds of dollars on a rental, why not set aside a row for them front and center and plan some cool stuff to do as groups leading up to the wedding.

Not only does this ease the stress for your party (and prevents your immature friend from not renting a suit in time), but it keeps you from having to limit your choices. Imagine a wedding where you don’t have to decide who is in your party, but one where all of your friends can feel like they have a part.  

That being said, if it’s really important for you to have a right hand woman or man, then maybe just pick a best man and maid of honor and have only one person stand with you. It’s a pretty minimalistic way to go about a wedding and minimalism is cool.

So if you want to keep that part of your wedding simple and feelings intact, then know it’s OK to not have a wedding party. But it’s not OK to skip the music. Check out our packages and what we can do to keep you and your friends on the dance floor.