Snapchat for Weddings is Not a Fad -- It’s Legit

While the world waits to see how long Pokémon Go will go on for, Snapchat continues to dominate the social world and it’s probably not slowing down anytime soon.

man on cell phone

We know we’ve talked a lot of about Snapchat recently and at the risk of making you bored of the conversation, we’re talking about it again -- because it’s really fun! That, and it’s a great thing to incorporate into your wedding. So, we’re bringing it up again to really drive the point home: you should totally embrace Snapchat at your wedding. Here’s how:

Geofilters. Geofilters. Geofilters.

Snapchat now allows you to upload custom geofilters and what better way to accent a wedding than by providing guests with a filter to Snap with? It’s super easy to do, not expensive and it will really add a “cool” factor to your wedding.

We’ve walked you through how to set them up and it’s super easy. The hardest part is designing one, but we’re confident you have a cousin with Photoshop. Trust us, your guests will LOVE this.

Communicate Socially

Sometimes it’s hard to say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ to everyone that attends your wedding. We get it and we’re sure they do to, but it’s nice to reach out and show some appreciation. Snapchat is an easy way to do that on a large scale without the annoyance of a mass text or Facebook post.

Simply film a greeting or thank you and upload it to your story. With that, you’ve just send a personalized message to all of your followers. It’s super easy and people will appreciate the love.

Tell the Love Story

You can find some fun ways to use Snapchat leading up to the wedding. Recall your favorite story of you and your spouse-to-be or how you met. People will like the inside look into your relationship and it may help them feel more connected at your wedding.

Maybe you'll get some compelling stories in return. This can also give you a chance to tease your event, increasing the energy before the ceremony. We like energy.

We love Snapchat and we love sharing awesome, energetic weddings on our channel. Let us help you create an environment worthy of some awesome Snaps -- it’s what we do. Drop us a line today.