snapchat geofilters for weddings

Wedding Snapchat Filters Just Got Way Easier

Snapchat decided that weddings were a super popular venue for custom filters, so they’ve made it even easier to make that happen.

Snapchat for Weddings is Not a Fad -- It’s Legit

We know we’ve talked a lot of about Snapchat recently and at the risk of making you bored of the conversation, we’re talking about it again -- because it’s really fun!

A Second Look: Using Snapchat at Weddings

Let’s run through some ideas on how you can embrace Snapchat leading up to, at and after your wedding (oh yeah, we’re doing the three-tiered approach… buckle up).

How to Use Snapchat Geofilters at Your Wedding

Snapchat has recently released a feature called Geofilters. It’s really cool. And, guess what a perfect event for Geofilters is? Yes! A wedding!