Mountain Weddings: Ideas for Your Picturesque Ceremony

We’re lucky to be based out of Atlanta, not only because this is a rad city with a ton of awesome people, but also its location. Looking for a beach trip? In four hours you can make it happen. Want to hit Savannah or Charleston for the weekend? Easy drive and you’re eating some of the best food on the East Coast. It’s this access that wedding planners dream about and moving into fall another locale will become popular for weddings: the mountains.

wedding couple

Atlanta sits just a 30-45 minute drive south of the North Georgia mountains and a few hours south of the Great Smoky Mountains, making travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth super easy. Great news if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

If you’re thinking about heading up to the mountains to tie the knot, the take some of these ideas and tips with you:

Plan for the Weather

The mountains are beautiful and can make for some killer photographs, but the weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, especially in the fall. But don’t let this deter you, just have a Plan B if the weather gets a bit dicey. Maybe the venue had an indoor space you could use or perhaps a tent they can set up just in case.

Or, worst case scenario, bring a change of clothes and some rain boots and turn your wedding day into an awesome story you can tell for years to come.

Go for a Hike

If you’re an outdoorsy person (and you likely are if you’re planning a mountain wedding), then explore a little bit. Odds are your wedding venue has access to some form of trail and we think you should take advantage of it. You could show up a day early and hike the property with your spouse-to-be or your wedding party, or maybe just have some time to reflect by yourself.

You could also have an early ceremony and to take it all you, you and your now husband or wife can go for a quick hike while everyone enjoys a cocktail hour. It’d be a great to way ride the high of your wedding ceremony without all the commotion of the reception.

Embrace the Scenery

There are so many cool things you can do to decorate your ceremony to embrace the mountain spirit. Natural colors and outdoor elements take the lead for mountain weddings, but remember one thing: imperfection is good. Don’t worry about having everything symmetrical or balanced, but just do what comes naturally.  

If you have a mountain wedding, you’ll need some awesome entertainment to match the scenery. Nice Entertainment travels well to weddings and we love the outdoors. Let us walk you through our process and hopefully we can help bring music to the hills of your mountain wedding.