Fall Menu Ideas for Your Wedding

Outside of quality entertainment, food is one of the more important aspects to a really awesome wedding reception, so it’s something many couples put more than just a little bit of thought into.

cheese plate

A lot of where that focus will be directed depends heavily on the season the wedding is in. A summer wedding, for instance, may have a lighter, more refreshing menu, while a winter wedding menu may be heavier and heartier.

A fall wedding menu, however, is a great way to get creative with what you’re serving. Here are some ideas for your fall wedding menu:

Small Plates are Your Friend

An array of awesome appetizers (we love alliteration at Nice) is a great way to open up your reception to your guests. Imagine going from cocktail hour to a no-pressure, non-seated first course. You can have the wait staff pass these around, or for a more affordable option, have a few tables strategically placed around with some cool food.

Some ideas for fall-inspired small plates should include a mix of cheese and fruits -- think a cheese board. Fall veggies, like sweet potatoes, are a good way to really embrace the season. For something a little more decadent, try bacon-wrapped dates.

Skip the Fish

If your wedding is in the spring or summer, by all means, drop a light entree on your guests: salmon, trout, etc. But as we move into the fall, it’s nice to have some, well, heartier options. Lamb and pork work well here, with potatoes and squash, as examples.

You should totally be considerate of your vegetarian guests and give them some options, too. A vegetarian chili or lasagna could be a good option. If you’re looking for a soup, nothing screams fall like a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup.

Pumpkin is Overrated

We know it’s fall and everything (thanks Starbucks) centers around pumpkin spice. But enough is enough. Stand up for your culinary rights and think outside of the pumpkin. Seriously, leave the pumpkin pie out of it and opt for a more original dessert.

Think about individual pecan pies or maybe a savory dessert, like plain cheesecake. Maybe you can even let guests top the cheesecake with a variety of choices.

Whatever you choose to serve is ultimately up to you and should make you happy. If you need help with choosing a caterer, let us know -- we know a ton of good shops around town. You’ll also need some sweet entertainment for the event. We have you covered.