A 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline: Part 2

Last week we started a 12-month wedding planning timeline for you to use a point of reference where we highlighted the first 11 months of the planning process. As challenging (and potentially stressful) as planning a wedding can be, the last month of the planning process can sometimes be more cumbersome than the previous 11.

wedding planning timeline

So, in an attempt to help you schedule out your time and energy leading up to your event, here are our thoughts on what you should be doing/have already done with one month left before your big day.

T-Minus Two Weeks

It’s happening. It’s really happening. It may seem surreal, but you only have two weeks left before your big day. While most of the big stuff has been nailed down, there is plenty to button up before the event.

By this point you should have applied for your marriage license, you know, to make things official. Your guest list should be finalized and any non-RSVPers (you know who you are) should be called to confirm their attendance or not.

Now is a good time to get with your photographer and DJ and/or band and go over must have photographs and songs to play at the event.

Pro tip: the good DJs will have an online portal to help make this process easy. It’s here you can choose your “must plays” and denote your “no way, Jose” songs.

T-Minus One Week

It’s too late for cold feet. All your vendors are booked and your venue is locked down, so wedding, we here come.

At this point, you should be focusing on the some, mostly personal, details like getting your hair cut, colored, and styled, if necessary. It’s also a good idea to provide the vendors with the final guest count just in case things have changed and they need to plan. You should also be communicating with the venue on when the vendors can/will show up and setting up a timeline of events the day of.

T-Minus a Couple Days

Your biggest job here is to just be excited about what’s about to go down! Seriously, all the big stuff should be taken care of and the biggest thing on your checklist is to make sure your dress or suit fits and doesn’t have any wrinkles.  

If you must continue the planning process, you can set up how any rentals will go back if you’re leaving for a honeymoon right after and who’s in charge of passing out the program the day of.

T-Minus Zero Days

Congrats! You’re getting married. Wake up, have fun, and enjoy being in love!