Honeymoon Ideas for the Adventurous Couple: Part 1

Do you think couples look forward to the wedding or honeymoon more? We’re sure it varies from couple to couple, but the honeymoon can be an exciting talking point and a more exciting thing to look forward to.

But if you’re not the couple that gets amped to go sit on a beach for a week and sip piña coladas served in a tall glass, then we have some ideas for you.

adventurous honeymoon

Travel is a great way to strengthen a relationship and create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. That is amplified when your trip is a bit… well, adventurous. So, if you want to get out of your comfort zone and have a story to tell when you get back, then listen up to these ideas for an adventurous honeymoon.


Yes, this Central American country is only a fews hours flight away from Atlanta and has a TON to offer anyone who steps on its soil. Antigua is a great honeymoon destination for those who love Latin food, scenic landscapes, and incredible hiking.

Antigua is in the shadow of a couple active and inactive volcanoes, the biggest being Volcan Acatenago, sitting at 13,000 feet high. The hike generally takes two days, but can be done in one, and is pretty grueling. But, the view at the top is guaranteed to take the soreness out of any legs.

Once you’re done hiking, you can enjoy Antigua for a day or two (think coffee tours and happy hour), then head down to Lake Atitlan in the Southwest part of the country. A three-ish hour drive from Antigua, this lake is stunning and is surrounded by incredible towns and villages. In short, it’s a must if you’re in Guatemala.

Colorado River

You don’t have to travel overseas to experience an incredible adventure. One of the coolest places in the United States is the Grand Canyon, split by the beautiful Colorado River.

The seventh longest river in the U.S., the Colorado River spans five states, forming in the Rocky Mountain National Park and eventually emptying into the Gulf of Mexico near California’s Southeast corner.

Many parts of the river are kayak or canoe friendly, offering dozens and dozens of areas to camp along the water. While some areas can see class 4+ rapids, there are some lazier sections that any novice can enjoy comfortably. That, coupled with its incredible views of the Grand Canyon and other Southwest landscapes, makes a camping trip along the Colorado River a must for any adventure lovers.

We’re not done with some awesome ideas! Stay tuned for the next blog with a couple more ideas for you adventurers out there. In the meantime, check out our other blogs and, if you’re planning a wedding, how we can help make your wedding DJ needs an easy and enjoyable experience.