How can you play mp3's on records

There are very few people who have records (some who don't know what they are).  Even fewer people have 1,000's of records that you would need to DJ a wedding today.  With that being said, there is something about playing with vinyl that makes DJing a real art.  As a DJ or "turntablist" you use your instrument as a musician, not a computer programmer.

Luckily technology has caught up with the times.  A program called Serato Final Scratch Live gives you the capability of playing on records, but using MP3's.  "How can you play mp3's on records" you may ask.  My honest answer... I have no idea.  Ha.  Seriously, the records have a timecode that are connected to the computer via USB cable that control the mp3 song.  You can scratch, speed up, slow down, beat match, and mix just like the actual record was on the turntable.
At Nice Guys DJ, we use Serato Final Scratch! And the coolest part is... we really know how to use it ;)