How Nice Guys DJ Got Started

Nice Guys DJ was founded in 2007 with the idea of finding that middle ground - somewhere between the shady club DJ and the cheesy old guy.  

In this short documentary style video (by Creative Cabins), we get deep with Hans Daniels - the owner of the company.  

Hans now has a team of 7 pro DJ's that rock out weddings, corporate events, and private parties all over the United States.  Hans spends much of his time commited to teaching others the art of DJing through his DJ school and podcast "The DJ Method". 

Behind the scenes while Hans mixes

Behind the scenes while Hans mixes

Front row view. DJ Hans in the mix. 

Front row view. DJ Hans in the mix. 

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Keeping it classy since 2004

Keeping it classy since 2004

Video shot by  Creative Cabin .

Video shot by Creative Cabin.

We like to call it a "man-bun" haha

We like to call it a "man-bun" haha

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The Perfect Fall Wedding in Atlanta

Fall is a wonderful time to have a wedding.  The leaves are changing.  The air is cooler.

To get the most out of your beautiful day, contact Nice Guys DJ for your DJ Entertainment. More than a DJ company, we are experts in Master of Ceremony (MC) and we will be more than happy to help with your wedding timeline.  Since DJing our first wedding in 2006, we have helped many brides & grooms make their day amazing!

Your day will go smoothly with Nice Guys DJ.

Press Release: The Restaurant Rave

Nice Guys DJ News & Information

Bringing The Restaurant Rave With Nice Guys DJ All Events News / Press Releases

For Immediate Release

September 15, 2011 – Because almost everything is fast-paced in this modern era, people often want to stray from their stressful office jobs and spend a night of fun in a classy restaurant or club. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to catch the attention of people and partygoers within your area, you can rely on Nice Guys DJ to turn your humble place into a raving party hotspot.

The staff of Nice Guys DJ are experienced when it comes to transforming a simple pad into the party place that you want. They can rearrange your bland wooden tables and chairs and put party lights in your restaurant’s walls and ceiling. You can also employ the service of any of their DJs, and he will definitely turn the night wild. Since there are many restaurants in Atlanta, Nice Guys DJ has expanded its client market and will offer more services in the coming years.

Aside from buffing up the jive in restaurants, Nice Guys DJ also offers entertainment to corporate events, regardless the size of the company. Of course, larger companies entail higher prices, but the results are beyond expectations. Rave company events are useful to promote social connection with the employees and immediate superiors. Nice Guys DJ also extends their services to proms and high school functions. Taking pride on customization, Nice Guys DJ allows its clients to pre-select songs online. Nice Guys DJ can also be employed to entertainment any wedding reception.

Nice Guys DJ has a team of professional event organizers that are highly experienced in improving function places, especially restaurants. If you want to know more about their extensive services, visit


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Written by Nice Guys DJ of Atlanta, GA