How to Instagram Your Wedding

Weddings are now like concerts in the sense that you’re going to see the flash bulbs of phone cameras going off throughout the event. It’s inevitable -- we’re in the 21st century and a large percentage of your guests would probably have anxiety attacks if they were more than five feet from their iPhone -- so embrace it and use it to make your wedding day even more special.




Instagramming weddings has become a popular way to document, from every angle, your special day. But instead of letting your guests blaze their own trail through wedding-oriented social media, take some advice on how to guide the day’s Lo-Fi or Nashville filtered documentation.


Come Up With a Cool Hashtag



This is #important. One of the best tips for Instagramming weddings has to be creating a clever, catchy and easily-remembered hashtag. There are no shortage of ideas, but there are a few things to steer clear of:



  • You want to make sure no one else on Instagram is using that hashtag. Could you imaging the catastrophe of blended Instagram weddings? It’d be awful, so avoid that at all costs by searching it before your date.

  • Make your hashtag something easy to remember and implement. So, avoid all the complicated symbols and try to keep it short.

  • And most of all, make it fun! The day is about fun, so make it easy for people to want to tag their photos with your hashtag.



Trust us, you’ll have a blast going through the photos at the end of the event.



Advertising is Key



Don’t rely on word of mouth or your “creative” cousin to spread the news about the hashtag for your wedding. Put it on the program or at the name cards at dinner -- it doesn’t matter as long as you like the placement and it’s effective in getting people to jump on board. This can also create another avenue in which to show off your creativity.



It’s also a good idea to include the hashtags on the invitations, so people can start early and document their travel to your celebration. In the same vein, do some of your own Instagramming to get the ball rolling. Dress shopping? Put a filter on it. Picking out flowers? Looks great in black and white. Lead by example and you’ll be blown away by the response.



Don’t Over Do It



Yes, Instagramming weddings is a wonderful and effective way to see the ceremony from nearly every angle, but don’t get caught up in it as the bride and groom. We seriously doubt your wedding dress has pockets for your iPhone 6 Plus, so leave it be for a bit. We’re willing to guess there are plenty of people who would love to take your picture for you. Your job is to live in the moment and enjoy all that your wedding, that you worked so hard on planning, has to offer. It’s only one night so let others do the documenting.

The dance floor of a wedding is a great place to get some wonderful pictures. But, you can’t have a good dance photo without good dance music. Let Nice Entertainment take care of that for you. Much like Instagramming, enjoy the night and don’t worry about the music. And speaking of Instagram, be sure to check out Nice online. We love our brides and our filters.