5 Must Have Wedding Reception Songs

Let’s face some facts here, y’all. Eighty percent of the wedding guest list isn’t coming solely to see the ceremony itself - they’re coming to eat awesome food and show off their sweet dance moves. So, give the people what they way: good rug-cutting music!


But each wedding and its guest list has different taste, so it’s only fair to be a bit democratic with your music choices. However, there are a few must have songs for your wedding. Here are five we think should be a staple at each reception:

  1. “Shout” - Isley Brothers

    • Let’s get serious here. Remember that scene from “Animal House”? Imagine that, but with your entire wedding party. It’s awesome and guaranteed to create some smiles. Let’s not forget about the photo opportunity with granny jumping up in the air.

  2. “Don’t Stop Believin’” - Journey

    • We’ve never stopped believing that this song will get everyone at the party to pretend it’s karaoke night at the local theater. If you don’t have this song at your wedding, well, you’ll be sure to get an e-mail the next day. Seriously, hold on to that feeling and play this song.

  3. “Love Shack” - The B 52s

    • This song is a must have, especially if you’re having your ceremony in Georgia. Its high energy and memorable lyrics will transmit the dance bug throughout your reception.

  4. “Billie Jean” - Michael Jackson

    • You want some free entertainment? Put on this song and watch your family and friends do their best impressions of Jackson’s dance moves. It’s incredibly fun. Maybe it’ll spark a dance-off. Who knows?

  5. “Devil Went Down to Georgia” - Charlie Daniels

    • Ok, so we’re taking some liberties here with this as a “must-have,” but if you’ve ever seen your college roommates do a fiddle impression with a beer in their hand, you’ll understand. So, we’ll re-title this blog: “4 Must Have Songs Plus One that You’re Sure to Get a Laugh At” - or something like that.

Whatever songs you choose to go with, keep in mind that music is the heart of a good reception, so make sure you make it a priority. At Nice Entertainment, we pride ourselves on bringing the knowledge and professionalism to make your reception a big hit with you and your guests. Drop us a line and we’ll help customize your reception and ensure your dance floor stays full all night.