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Why Choose Nice Guys DJ?

Passion, Creativity, Style.

These are the attributes that drive me, and these are the attributes which I bring to my work.

When I started Nice Guys DJ in 2007 I had the bride and groom in mind. I know how memorable and remarkable the day is for them. I am passionate about the job that I do and I have the ability to transform my passion into an amazing performance which makes the event an illustrious and indelible night for everyone. 

Nice Guys DJ was not started over overnight. It is the result of thorough research and experiences shared with newly married couples, attending numerous marriages to experience DJ's, learning from some of the best coordinators and from my own experience. Through these I have developed a sense for the new traditional as well as the most unconventional wedding timeline and has taken our DJ services to achieve new heights.

When it comes to DJ equipment, I know that most couples could care less if I use EV, Mackey, or Mickey Mouse speakers. All they want is their wedding to be exciting and amazing. I've seen that, amazing equipment produces amazing results and mediocre equipment produces mediocre results. Keeping this in mind I've raised my standards to the highest level and we use some of the latest hardware which always takes the dance floor to the next level.

The DJ service that I provide is about a relationship with my clients - not just a transaction. 

I'm glad to inform you that today, Nice Guys DJ is one of Atlanta’s most sought out wedding entertainers.

In more than 6 years of service, we have successfully glittered many newly married faces, and performed at variety of wedding venues of the Atlanta area.  Also, when many of the Professional Wedding Planners of the Atlanta area decide to choose a Professional DJ, it is nice to say that we now get a call.


Hans Daniels

[President and CEO]

[Nice DJ Guys]

Hans & his son Lochlan

Hans & his son Lochlan