How to Cut Your Wedding Flower Budget in Half


Your big day doesn't have to send you to the poorhouse.

What does a DJ know about wedding flowers? Well, I know that it can take away from the entertainment budget.  So I've done some research and here's what I've found. -Hans

You really don't plan on getting married again, so you want to splurge and still come out with a top tier event. There are ways to have the wedding of your dreams and emerge with a well-budgeted event that doesn't cause a strain. One way that you can do this is to cut your flower budget in half. Here are some ideas on how to do this fancifully, gracefully and attractively.

1.      This first one might be obvious, which is to integrate more than one type of flower. For example, consider combining fresh flowers with silk (yes, you may laugh, but this is a DJ's point of view). There are some gorgeous silk flowers in all kinds of color schemes. It's all in how you incorporate the silk into the real blooms. If they are used judiciously and blended artfully with the real flowers, they can be a show stopper. Not only will you have gorgeous blooms of color for your occasion, but after time has passed you will have some real flower remnants and the full silk flowers for your memory book or other display.

2.      Don't overlook the high-end grocery stores like Whole Foods. These places often have flowers and skilled floral arrangers that can do a marvelous job of creating the floral dream you have for your wedding.

3.      Don't overlook bulk big box stores, like Sam's and Costco. Just like they offer deeper discounts for buying canned goods and other things in bulk, they will also an excellent place to buy large quantities of flowers. Costco is known for providing the entire spectrum of wedding flowers that you will need; from centerpieces to the bridal bouquet and everything in-between.

4.      Find out which flowers are in season. If you do a little studying along these lines, you can come up with a lovely bouquet and other flowers that match the décor of your wedding and save you money.

5.      Consider buying from or other merchants that carry surplus materials. If you can't find flowers (such as silk) on such sites, look for other deeply discounted items like vases and accents. Even Goodwill Industries and thrift stores may be a haven for at least some of the components you need, such as green stems, ribbons, lace.

6.      Who said it had to be about flowers? Pinterest and a host of other sites feature pictures and details on a variety of non-floral bouquets that will work wonders at a wedding. Some of them even have accompanying tutorials, such as one for felt flowers. See here.

7.      Less is more. If you really love having a particular type of flower, but find them a bit on the pricey side, go with them anyway. Just use fewer of them.

8.      Go wildflower picking, if it's the right season.If the wildflower option doesn't work, consider getting flowers from your neighbor's garden or the gardens of people you know. This idea works especially well if you also have people to help you arrange the blooms into bouquets, centerpieces and other floral needs. It also helps if others will do the picking for you, or with you.

If you allow yourself to think beyond the weddings you've attended and plan your own wedding flower profile with style and pizazz, you can do yourself a budget-saving favor. Your flowers can still be fly without throwing your budget through the stratosphere.

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