Wedding Music

Wedding Music.jpg

Wedding music is a ridiculously broad topic that covers everything from polka to bluegrass.  Today, I'm talking about the above average American wedding and the music that is played.  

What to play?

I will usually sit down with a bride & groom-to-be and find out what style of music they like.  I do this by having a face to face meeting.  Then having them fill out an online music form in their client area.  From there I get a taste of what they like - Top 40, Motown, Cupid Shuffle, Hip Hop, Mumford, Sinatra? 

How to play it?

Recently we have added a new twist to wedding entertainment and wedding music.  The Hybrid DJ/Band!  Think about this... The great thing about having a DJ is that you can appease the masses.  The great thing about having a band is all the energy of the moving parts grooving and playing together - feeding off each other.

Nice Guys DJ offers the best of both worlds.  We offer a DJ that can play anything and everything, PLUS a crazy exciting band.  Check out this short clip of our percussionist Deshone jamming out with the groom.