Tips for Scheduling Your Wedding During Football Season

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One of the biggest guest “complaints” of weekend weddings in the fall, especially the South, is how weddings can sometimes conflict with big football games. Yes, it’s a legit thing and, no, your uncle is not serious when he says he’ll “for sure miss your wedding if the Dawgs are playing.” At least we don’t think.

But college and professional football is still a thing people on your guest list will think about, depending on when you schedule your event. If you’re thinking about a fall wedding, be prepared to have that conversation. So, in celebration of the return of football season and fall weather, here are a few tips to help schedule your fall wedding during football season.

It’s Your Day

Listen, while we get that people are rabid about the Southeastern Conference or want to watch the Atlanta Falcons try to get back to the Super Bowl every Sunday (the loss still hurts, by the way), your wedding day is just that: your day. People can afford to miss one game because let’s face it, unless all of your guest list cheers for one team, you’re not going to please everyone.

Also, it’s 2017 so people can check the scores on their phone or just record the game and watch it later. A regular season football game is not more important than you committing to someone else for a lifetime. Playoffs, however…

… just kidding.

Check the Schedule Ahead of Time

If you’re planning a fall wedding, it may be a good idea to check your favorite team’s schedule. That’s really the only schedule to check before booking your venue. Did we mention it’s your day? A lot of times wedding dates are dictated by venue schedules, so getting the “perfect” date is sometimes impossible. Getting the venue you want is maybe more important than making sure your wedding is on the right bye week, so set your priorities before booking.

Think About a Viewing Area at the Wedding

We’d only recommend this if you’re a diehard fan and are OK with sharing the spotlight. But, if you can’t live without seeing the Yellow Jackets (or whoever) play and insist on a fall wedding, then maybe throw a TV on during cocktail hour or before the wedding starts.

Did We Mention It’s Your Day?

If you book a fall wedding in the South on a weekend, you’re likely going to get a friendly ribbing from someone who’s team is playing a big game that day. The operative word there is friendly, so don’t stress at all about football schedules and have your wedding when you want to have it. People won’t boycott it, nor will missing the game have a lasting effect on their fandom. Football games are a blast, but weddings are a very cool thing to be a part of.

Looking for wedding entertainment other than a football game? We got you. We’ve been DJing weddings in the South for more than a decade and know how to celebrate! Let us know what you’re looking for in a wedding DJ and we’ll make it happen.