How To Successfully Plan a Bridal Shower

bridal shower tips

It’s fall wedding season and you know what that means: tons and tons of pre-wedding events to attend and/or plan. While a lot of these events are fun and exciting, like most things, it can be a bit of a pain to plan. One of these events is the ever-popular bridal shower, or, more popularly known: give a bunch of gifts to your friend who’s about to get hitched.  

There can be a lot to coordinate with one of these events, so if you’ve been charged with planning a bridal shower for a soon-to-be bride, don’t fret for a second -- we have your back. Check out some of our thought on how to successfully plan a bridal shower.

Don’t Stress About It

Typically the maid of honor plans the bridal shower, but it’s cool to share some responsibility among the wedding party, and it can be held really anytime before the wedding, so you have some flexibility there. For the most part, bridal showers are pretty laid back, where a small- to medium-sized group gets together to celebrate the bride. It’s mostly about socializing and hooking the bride up with some sweet gifts.

You can host the event at your (or someone else’s) home or you can rent out space in a restaurant or spa (this could get a little more expensive). As the planner, you’re not expected to foot the entire bill, so don’t worry if you’re credit line is a little tight. It’s totally cool to ask for financial help or to even make the event a potluck -- a total staple in the South.

Pro tip: while it’s totally cool to split the bill on whatever you plan to do, you should communicate that up front and not during the event. Talking money can be kind of a buzz kill.

Communicate Effectively

While it’s cool to invite people to help in the planning process, the maid of honor should have final delegation power. During the planning process, it’s important to be an effective communicator and planner, meaning everyone (for the most part) just wants to know what’s going on, what to bring, what to wear, and where to show up and when. Before you communicate what the group is doing, have everything planned and booked, if necessary, and communicate all the details at once. The initial communication is important and should have an RSVP attached so you can make your life easier.

Make sure you fill everyone in on what gifts they’re expected to bring and if there’s a price limit, along with any other pertinent details, including dress code, event cost, transportation, overnight accommodations, etc.

bridal shower drinks

Be a Good Host

Food and drink is maybe the most important part of the day for your guests. Seriously, don’t underestimate the importance of feeding people. Hungry people have a hard time being happy -- just saying.

Food and drink choices are up to you, whether it’s a formal mean or just a bunch of small plates and appetizers.

Pro tip: if your group loves champagne, estimate how many bottles you think you’ll need and add 50 percent to it. It’s not cool to run out of bubbles.


Finally, a bridal shower is a party. Yes, the bride gets gifts and it’s about her, but it can be totally fun for everyone else! So crank the tunes and have an impromptu dance party -- or hire a sweet DJ to light up the dance floor.

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