Wedding Photobooth Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

We love goofy photos. There is something about making a funny face or putting on a ridiculous hat or oversized anything that just makes for good memories. And there is one place to make all this happen: a photobooth.

Photobooths are out of control fun: you go into a small space with your friends, family, significant other and just act a fool for a bit. We can’t think of a better way to spend 60 seconds and a lot of couples have picked up on this for their wedding celebrations.

We know wedding photobooth rentals are not for everyone, but for those who opt into the silly fun and awesome photos that come from photobooths, we have some advice. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “Photobooths have NO rules! That’s what makes them awesome!”

Yes, you have a point. We’ll concede that, but as civilized human beings at a celebration of love, you should have a sense of some dos and don’ts. Here’s some help:

Do get weird

Yup. We give you permission. Get weird. Grab the most random props you can find and conjure up the craziest face you can and jump in front of the camera and make some magic. Jump on your friend’s shoulders (if there’s room), do the whip and nae nae and feel free to dab (actually, just pick one… don’t overdo it with the pop culture dances). The point is have fun, let loose and maybe you’ll like what you see.

Don’t get too weird

Consider acting weird in the photobooth like a dessert: it’s great in small doses. Just met the groom’s mom? Don’t dab on her in the booth. Brought a date to the wedding? Don’t get too handsy. It’s hot on the dance floor? Keep your shirt unbuttoning to one or two notches. We’re just saying there’s a line in the sand, so be aware.

Do multiple shoots

There is nothing wrong with jumping back into the photobooth for a second, third, fourth, heck, even tenth time. We support and encourage it. As the reception move on, you make more friends, get a little looser (or really loose depending on the bar situation), and you start to enjoy yourself more. So, grab your new friend and get back in there -- you’re a photobooth star!

Don’t commandeer the photobooth

While doing multiple shoots is totally cool and encouraged, be mindful of everyone else at the wedding. In Laymen’s terms: it’s not your personal booth. If there are people in line, don’t hog the booth for 10 minutes trying out different props. Go grab a drink, cut a rug, talk to your friends and then get back to the booth -- it’s going to still be there. Anyway, just be a good dude or dudet when it comes to the booth and things will be great.

If you’re looking for something more than just some etiquette tips for wedding photobooth rentals, drop us a line. Nice Entertainment provides photobooth for weddings in Atlanta and would love to capture some of your goofy memories!