3 Apps You Should Embrace for Your Wedding

We know technology, especially mobile applications, is incredibly ingrained in our modern lives -- so much so that it’s hard to imagine a world before it (AOL anyone?). It’s become so commonplace that advertisers now remarket to you in your newsfeed with promotions and businesses are embracing the hashtag as a viral form of getting their name out.

It’s pretty incredible to think about. And not only has technology and social media become a channel for marketers, personal event planners, especially weddings, have embraced some apps to help share your special day with hundreds. So, since mobile technology isn’t going away anytime soon, we figured we (and you) should embrace it as a part of your wedding.

Here are our top three mobile apps that we think you should use for your wedding.


Yes, here we go again with the Snapchat, but it’s for a reason. Snapchat is one of the most popular forms of social media and its continued growth says it all. Not only is it super popular among the younger crowd, including Millennials, Snapchat's brass has created a way to design and produce your own filter. They call it On-Demand Geofilters and they’re super cool. Check out this blog to learn how to upload your own. We're going to throw it out there and say this will be the most popular thing at wedding this year. 


This app is a super popular among the young business crowd (i.e. Millennials -- beginning to see a pattern?), but it can be incredibly useful for wedding planning. Slack is the ultimate communication app: from group chats to photo sharing to social integration, the app is effectively putting e-mail out of business. Imagine being able to communicate ideas instantly to your friends, relatives and wedding planners -- and to curate the paths in which those ideas are disseminated. All we’re saying is check it out.


Yes, Instagram is still a great app to embrace for your wedding. In the age of social media, not many platforms have a lasting effect, but Instagram is still a super fun way to share photos of your wedding day (and even the days leading up to it). So yes, you should still create a hashtag for your wedding day and you should still encourage your guests to shoot away -- just don’t forget to tag.

We know that three apps is on the light side of what your mobile technology has to offer, but we’re in the simplicity camp. If you’re looking for a simple way to book your wedding entertainment -- either a wedding DJ or live music -- drop us a line. We’d love to chat about the cool things happening in the wedding industry.