Yes or No? Pokémon Go and Weddings

Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Like, literally. The app has been installed on more than 5 percent of all Andriod phones and is more popular than Tinder (and will likely overtake Twitter before too long). It’s insane how popular it is. Of course our first thought was: “Can we use Pokémon Go at weddings? And if so, then how?”

girl taking photo

Before we give you our answer, let’s go over some ways to maybe use the game at your wedding.

Keep the kids (and maybe your wedding party) entertained

Why not set a lure and keep those kids busy during the ceremony or reception? It’s basically an electronic babysitter and they’ll do so much running around that your guests with kids will be happy when they’re worn out at the end of the event. Who knows, maybe your maid of honor or best man will pull out their phone and hunt down Charmander?

It could make for some interesting wedding photos

Imagine if you really embraced the Pokémon Go theme and your wedding photos reflected that. You could have a whole series of you and your spouse on the “hunt” for the next Pokémon. Plus, if you wanted to go really non-traditional, you could have a costumed wedding. Pluse, there are so many super cute hashtag ideas: #GottaCatchJustOne

It’s great exercise

There has been a lot of chatter that Pokémon Go has forced people to get up and move, reaping the health benefits of walking miles to track down the next critter. It may not be for you to use at your wedding, but it could maybe help you look your best beforehand.

Our answer

No. Seriously? Unless you’re super into Pokémon, we say leave the games behind. Pokémon Go is likely a passing phase and if you plan your wedding around the app, you may find yourself a little late and a little more than embarrassed. But, who knows, maybe it’ll stand the test of time and become the next Clash of Clans?

What we do know is good wedding music can make your event timeless and will give you and your guests wonderful memories (more than the bride catching Pikachu). If you need some ideas for music or entertainment for your wedding, drop us a line. We’d love to help.