How to Use Facebook for Your Wedding

We have talked a lot about how social media can be used for wedding planning and wedding celebrations, and that may seem like a bit much. But we’re here to tell you it’s not. In fact, we’re going to continue down that path because it’s awesome and everyone digs sharing.

facebook for weddings

In past blogs, we’ve shown you how to use social media, from Instagram to creating Snapchat geofilters, for your wedding, but we haven’t talked about the most popular social media platform on the planet: Facebook.

Yup, so Facebook doesn’t get a whole lotta love when it comes to planning or sharing wedding events, but they’ve released some features recently that we think you should be up to date on. We’re not talking about creating a page specifically for your wedding or making an album for all of your wedding photos. We’re talking about the new stuff that may (or may not) have a place in your celebration.

Facebook Live

This is a game changer. Remember that one time when you were thinking your guest list should be trimmed because of budget, but your parents really want some of their friends (and by some, we mean all) to come? We’re sure you do and with Facebook Live, they can watch the entire ceremony live... on their phone!

Yes, that’s hyperbole --  the parent’s friends part -- but you can totally stream your ceremony live to your Facebook friends. All you need is a willing volunteer to video it and anyone who follows you on Facebook can view it. It’s great for those who “would love to come, but are already committed to something that weekend” to check out what they’re missing.

Facebook 360

Facebook recently released a feature that turns panorama photos into interactive photos: Facebook 360. It’s super cool. All you have to do to view the entire photo is move your phone and it’s like you’re there. The best part is it’s super easy to use. All you do is upload a panorama from your phone, or if you have an app that creates true 360 photos, to your Facebook page and all your friends can interact.

We think wedding photographers can take advantage of this and capture all the action: ceremony, dance floor, bouquet toss, everything! If you haven’t already, you should check out the feature.

We know Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon, but we also know people want to share a good time. At Nice Entertainment, we help create that great time with a pretty rad selection of services: live music, DJs, live music and DJ hybrids, photobooths, videography and more. We’d love to help be a part of your wedding, so drop us a line and we’ll chat about it!