tony conway

Tony Conway - Founder & CEO - Legendary Events

Tony Conway - Founder & CEO - Legendary Events

Takeaway #1

Tony shares that his company is all about being different each time & making it better & better & better. So much so that he dines out 5 nights per week. So he can try new food, get the vibe of a different place.

Takeaway #2

Referral marketing is his number one way of marketing. And he doesn't do it by blasting his companies name all over everything in the building. He has found that if a potential client has a great experience - they will seek out his company.

Takeaway #3

And finally questions. Are you asking your clients good questions? Write down 5 or 6 really really good questions that you can ask your clients to get to know them a little better. Tony shares some of his favorite questions with us. So grab a pen and paper and get ready for this interview.. Oh, and did I forget to mention he share marketing and branding tips on booking celebs like Opera Winfrey. This is going to be good!

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