10 Fun Wedding Songs to Get People Groovin'

A wedding is supposed to be fun and some of the most fun people have at wedding receptions is on the dance floor. So, to make that happen it's safe to say you need some good tunes. Check it, we've done this for a long time and know what gets people moving. Here are 10 fun wedding songs we know will get dance floor moving. 

fun wedding songs

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"24k" - Bruno Mars 

Bruno Mars has to make the list, right? This song will have everyone dancing, including your aunt who "doesn't dance because of her bad knee" or whatever. It's so much fun.

"Can't Stop The Feelin" - Justin Timberlake 

This is a totally fun wedding song and JT is known to get people groovin' and movin'. This is a must to play when you want the dance floor to fill up.

"Yeah" - Usher 

Want to see everyone's best "Dirty South" dance moves? Play this song. Seriously, a spontaneous dance battle may break out... and we're totally down with that.

"Brick House" - The Commodores 

Everyone needs a little Motown in their life and especially at their wedding. Want to see knees swing side to side? This is a must play and is for for all generations. Talkin' to you, grandma. 

"Turn Down for What" - DJ Snake & Lil Jon

When the party goes late, you shouldn't turn down for anything. This song is a blast, especially after everyone has loosened the tie, kicked off the heels, and had a few glasses of wine.

"Trap Queen" - Fetty Wap

Have a young crowd you want to motivate to get on the dance floor? Drop some Fetty Wap on them. Best played later in the evening, but you'll get some awesome karaoke versions of it.

"Bad & Boujee" - Migos 

Migos has taken over the entertainment world and will take over your dance floor. Have a bunch of people from the ATL? Drop it on 'em. 

"Closer" - Chainsmokers ft Halsey

Get everyone snapping and clapping in unison with this fantastically fun song from the ever-popular Chainsmokers. Great for couples and photo-ops, too. 

"Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon 

You want to see the couples on your dance floor have a blast? Play this song and you'll get some great action. Seriously, we dare you not to want to dance with someone when this song comes on.

"GDFR" - Flo Rida

An oldie, but a goodie. This is a fun hip hop song for anyone and it's a blast to dance to. Just ask... well, anyone! Wait for the hook to drop and see if you don't bounce some shoulders.