3 Non-Traditional Wedding Venues You Should Check Out

From all of us at Nice Entertainment, we hope you had a spectacular Fourth of July with your family and friends! Our crew had a great time with ours, but we’re glad to be back at it.

Now that your summer vacation is (hopefully not) over, let’s turn our attention to more wedding planning. There are few things more important for a wedding than the venue and a lot of decisions revolve around it, hence why it’s important to get one locked down early.

unique wedding venues

But just because you should get one booked at the front end of the planning process, doesn’t mean you should settle. There are so many great venues out there and each of them have their own personality and totally reflect the couple’s. There are a few traditional venues that everyone knows, including churches, barns, golf course club houses -- and those are great, but not the focus here. Let’s get a bit creative with some ideas for unique wedding venue ideas (with a focus on Atlanta).

A Really Awesome Restaurant

What could be better than having your venue, caterer, and bar all in one place? Cool restaurants are abundant in ATL and a lot of them will let you rent it out for events. If you’re a couple who’s into food and dining out, this could be a fantastic way to combine multiple loves. It can also take some of the headache out of planning the wedding.

We think 9 Mile Station (on top of Ponce City Market) would be a super cool place to tie the knot, but the possibilities are (mostly) endless.

Botanical Gardens

The beauty of living in the South is the abundance of beautiful flowers and plants, and some of the best collections can be found at one of the many botanical gardens in the state. It goes without saying that a botanical garden would be a super cool backdrop for a wedding or reception, if not only for the pictures.

A lot of botanical gardens host numerous weddings annually, so the hassle of getting everything set up is diminished. And the flowers. Did we mention them?


When you think of the South, wineries aren’t necessarily the first thing that pops into your head. But North Georgia has a some good wineries with serene views that can make for a great spot to host your event. Our guess is they’ll have plenty of wine to go around, too, so no worries on the party running short.

A huge plus on this one is the “research” -- you can’t not taste the wine, right?

No matter where you host your wedding or wedding reception, know that good entertainment is a must. At Nice Entertainment, we’ve worked with hundreds of couples in dozens of different venues to make sure the day goes as planned. Drop us a line for some more information.