The Best Wedding Websites Aren’t Always Free

Hey guys, Hans here with Nice Entertainment.

I want to show you how to create your very own wedding website with a personalized domain using 

What's really cool about Squarespace is that you can incorporate some of your music elements into your your website. Like your first dance song, you can have it playing while your guests are scrolling around.

Spoiler alert! When you book with Nice Entertainment, we will give you a link that you can put on your website, that your wedding guests can pre-request songs.

Let’s get started

First, we’re going to go to

One of the hardest things is deciding what you're going to name your domain.

Domain Name Ideas…

  • Both First Names
  • Both Last Names
  • Hashtags
  • Names & Wedding Dates

Make the domain whatever you like… it’s yours :)

So let's say in my example... my wife's name is Angela and my name is Hans. So we’ll make our domain name “” haha 

funny wedding website domain name

I don't know if that's EXACTLY what you would do but... haha, for this example, we'll go with

To get the domain on Squarespace, it does cost $20, but I think it’s worth every penny.


One of the most important things your wedding website can do for you is help people RSVP.  I love the fact that when they first land on your homepage, there's a huge RSVP button that will send your guest to the RSVP page. There, they can put in their name, email address, who they're bringing, etc 

This is REALLY cool… If you go into edit, double click the contact form, hit the storage tab - it will ask “Where do you want notifications sent. 

This is REALLY REALLY cool… If you connect this to your Google Drive, everyone that fills this form out will be in one Google sheet that you can print out.  It’s all there... so simple, so nice, and we’re just getting started. 

use google drive for wedding website



mobile friendly wedding website

Super Mobile Friendly

If you want to see how it looks on a phone, ipad, or computer you can hit the tab at the very top of the edit page.

As you can see the RSVP button is front and center and everything looks great on all devices. 

Add Music

Let's say you wanted to get a little more creative. You can add your first dance song by clicking edit on the page, click the insert line, and you are going to put in a code.

Go to Spotify, click on the share button and find the code needed. Then simply copy and paste.  

In this example, I added my first dance song, Better Together by Jack Johnson (yeah we've been married ten years).

adding first dance to wedding website

You can add Spotify playlists, Youtube videos, or Soundcloud songs by adding this code. It’s a great way to personalize your page. 

add code to website

Guests Requests

Did you know guests can make their own requests?

Here’s how it works… when you book with nice entertainment, we have an incredible “client portal” where you can log in and pick your must play & do not play songs.

You can make a button on your page connect to our our client portal and your friends & family can pre select songs.  This stays in a separate folder than your must plays and do not plays. We only look at this to get a feel for the crowd. 

Of course we never play anything that is on your do not play” list, but it's just a cool way for guests to feel like they're a part of the action.

Why is a DJ company showing me how to build a website?

You may be asking yourself "why is a wedding entertainment company so excited to share this website building tool with people getting married?”

Here's three reasons: 

  • I just like helping people
  • I secretly enjoy building websites
  • The name of our company is “Nice”

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