5 Super Easy Tips to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off

Welcome to December: the month of parties, pies, another glass of wine, and endless cheese and cracker plates. There’s a reason why so many people report gaining weight during the holiday season: there are so many delicious things to eat and so many better things to do than spend time in the gym!

holiday weight loss

We get it -- we’re guilty of our share of overindulgence, but we’re here to say that it doesn’t take a superhero-like effort to keep the weight gain at a minimum during the holiday season. Let’s roll through some easy ways you can avoid holiday weight gain and, in turn, the stress that comes with trying to lose it to fit into your Spring wedding dress.

Broth > Cream

It’s the season of soup! As the weather takes a turn and heads toward wet, cold, and dark, your taste buds follow to soup town. An awesome pot of soup and a movie is a great way to spend a gross day, but as “healthy” as some soups claim to be, sometimes it’s not the case.

Most cream-based soups have enough heavy cream and butter to keep the dairy industry in business for at least another week. While super delicious, a couple bowls of cream-based soups can really do a number on your waistline.

Instead of ordering a chowder or a cheesy soup, opt for a broth-based soup. Vegetable soup this time of year is a great way to eat healthy and stay warm and full. If you’re at a restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask what ingredients are in the soup.

Pro tip: to make an even healthier soup, skip the pre-made broth and use water, seasoned to taste. A bay leaf goes a long way, FYI.

Pro tip No. 2: an emulsifier or blender is a great way to turn any soup "creamy."

Trade Veggies for Crackers

This is where you may start to roll your eyes and move your mouse to close the tab. Hear us out. At every single holiday party there is bound to be a cheese and cracker plate or some sort of dip. Trust us, it’s almost impossible to avoid eating it all together, so don’t. Instead of using the crackers or chips to dip or cheese, replace it with a thinly-sliced cucumber or a carrot. You’ll be surprised how crunchy and satisfying it can be.

The idea is not to deny your taste buds everything and pout in the corner with a growling stomach, but instead to do your best to find healthy solutions.

Pro tip: red peppers and guacamole are an excellent pair! Seriously, give it a shot.

Turkey Trots and Jingle Jogs and other Exercise Alliterations

While this one may be a kind of obvious, it still is important enough to mention. Getting a run or workout in before going to a party is a great way to continue to make healthy choices (or in our case, give you an excuse to eat a bigger piece of pie). Not only will exercising give you the obvious benefits: increased caloric burn, higher metabolism, an awareness to healthier choices, but it can also be a fun way to get out with your friends and family.

You should be the person who annoyingly drags people out on a jog before opening the first bottle of wine. Yes, people are likely to whine a bit, but they’ll thank you later (i.e. you’ll be the hero of the day).

Pro tip: heroes get more pie.

Dancing is also a great way to burn some cals and no one gets a party moving like Nice Entertainment. Not only do we like fitness, but we’re into seeing people happy. Drop us a line to see what wedding entertainment package we can provide your Atlanta wedding.