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5 Super Easy Tips to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off

Let’s roll through some easy ways you can avoid holiday weight gain and, in turn, the stress that comes with trying to lose it to fit into your Spring wedding dress.

A Full-Body Wedding Workout Anyone Can Do

There ways to stay in shape leading up to your wedding, ensuring you can look good in a wedding dress (or tuxedo -- we got you, guys). Check out our plan for a full-body wedding workout you can do almost anywhere:

3 Tips for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

We are lucky enough to be in a region that has incredible restaurants everywhere. Seriously, from Atlanta to Athens to Nashville to Asheville to Charleston to, well, anywhere else within driving distance, the South has killer food. But it can also be killer on your waistline if you’re dining out more that you’re going to the store.


Honestly, it’s easy to do while planning a wedding. Between work and coordinating family and finances, cooking dinner may seem daunting. But just because you’re racking up points on your American Express car by eating out doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a healthy way.

Check out some of these ways to stay on the healthy side while eating out at restaurants:

Be that person

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you may know that substituting menu items can sometimes be like pulling a cranky lion’s tooth. But if you’re serious about eating healthy, you should totally be that person who gives it a go.

We’re not talking about asking an Italian chef to make a black bean burger, but if you get a sandwhich, think about wheat bread instead of white, and a side salad with the dressing on the side instead of fries. That’s a totally reasonable order and if your waiter/waitress gives you sass, then order a cappuccino, too. They love making those. Actually, make that a chai latte with soy milk.

Slow it down

It’s pretty simple: eating dinner is not a race. In fact, if you’re at a nice restaurant, you should probably not treat it like Waffle House at 3 a.m. Slowing down not only allows you to enjoy the food and company more, but it can also save you some calories.

There are plenty of sources that say it takes about 20 minutes before your brain gets the message that you’re full. Our sources point to the fact that your taste buds will never say stop. Slow it down, tease your taste buds and listen to your body.

Embrace family style

For those not up to speed on the restaurant lingo, family style is a style of dining when food comes out of the kitchen as ready and put in the middle for the table for everyone to share. It’s awesome. It’s not only a cool way to eat and try a bunch of different stuff, it can help with portion control, too.

Instead of everyone getting an entree and sharing apps, why not get a few apps and an entree to share around? You basically get a tasting menu of the restaurant, it paces your meal and you are less tempted to polish off a shared plate.

(We don’t have any science behind family style being a bit healthier way to eat, we just love it and are making a solid case for it.)

If you need help with getting motivated to live a healthier lifestlye, why not look into getting a Fitbit? Better yet, how about winning a one? We’re giving away a Fitbit to help you stay motivated. All you have to do is request some more information about our sweet wedding entertainment services and you’re entered to win*.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Weight Loss

Looking great for your wedding is important for most brides to-be, so it makes sense to want to make sure you get as close to perfection as you can before the big day. A big part of that is dropping some pounds to fit into that wedding dress. We totally support looking and feeling great on your wedding day. That, however, comes with a little asterisk.


More than looking good on your wedding day, we want you to be healthy on your wedding day. That means something different to everybody, but if you’re planning on starting a diet or exercise routine to get in shape for your wedding, check out some of these things you should avoid doing, along with some you totally should be doing.

Trust us, we love healthy couples!

Don’t buy into a “fast result” diet

That’s totally right. By tricking your body into losing weight, you may actually be doing your body a huge disservice. To lose weight, and more importantly, to keep it off, you have to do it in a way your body likes. Cutting out protein, carbs or fat all together is not the way to go about it. Should you eat an entire loaf of Wonder Bread? No, of course not. But a whole-grain slice of toast with avocado and tomato for breakfast? Totally!

Do set goals

Whether it’s to walk 10,000 steps daily or avoid processed food for a week, you need to set goals if you’re going to meet them. The goals do need to be realistic. No, you’re probably not going to lose 10 pounds in a week, but you can lose 10 pounds over the course of several weeks (and likely keep it off) if you do it the right way. So figure out what you want out of your weight loss program and set it in stone.

Don’t over exercise

Over exercising can do some damage to your body, especially when combined with a low-calorie diet. In fact, when combined, your metabolism can slow dramatically, basically entering “aw man, we gotta save up!” mode. Now, you should totally exercise -- and daily -- but you need to eat along with that and listen to your body. You really don’t want to pass out at your wedding, so find a good balance with the two.

Do have fun

Listen, we get that exercising can suck and a diet can be a huge bummer, but that doesn’t mean it can’ be fun. If you like hiking, well get out there and hike -- that’s a lot of steps and the inclines are sure to get your heart rate up. If you like cooking, find some fun ways to cook healthy food. Cold salads are not the only diet food, FYI. Just find a way to get active and eat well and once those pounds start coming off, the whole thing will be fun!

If you need a little boost, we’re giving away a FitBit to help you stay motivated. All you have to do is request some more information about our sweet wedding entertainment services and you’re entered to win*.


*Some restrictions apply.