What Season is Best for a Wedding in the South

If you’ve just committed to tying the knot with that one person you couldn’t imagine living without, then congratulations! Now let’s plan a wedding!

Photo by IceHawk33 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo by IceHawk33 via FreeDigitalPhotos.net


There are dozens of components to planning a wedding: from choosing a caterer to hiring a wedding DJ to filtering the guest list, it’s a seemingly endless list. But one of the first steps in planning a wedding is setting a date. The date can affect a lot of the decisions that go into planning a wedding, so give it some thought, with the tip of the spear being what season to host your ceremony in the South: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.

Well, we’re here to help you out. Each season carries with it both pros and cons, so check out our thoughts on which season is best for a wedding below (we look forward to your invitation to say ‘thanks’ for the inspiration):


Spring is a beautiful time of year in the South. With the weather warming up and nature blooming, it can be a wonderful time of year for a wedding.

Pros: The weather and scenery. A Spring wedding can play a great host to an outdoor wedding, beating the summer heat and providing an incredible backdrop with nature waking up from its long Winter’s nap. Local florists will likely have some cool flowers available for your ceremony, so embrace the natural theme.

Cons: Allergies and rain. While Spring is blooming, it brings with it the season of yellow cars and sneezy afternoons. Keep in mind the allergies of your wedding party and guests if you’re planning an outdoor wedding -- it could be very distracting. Spring also tends to be the wettest part of the year, so there’s a better chance it could rain on your special day.


Summer is a time when life is full of energy and people are eager to spend their weekends soaking up the sun.

Pros: The sun is the star of summer, shining down on happy, tanned faces. The weather can be your friend in this season and your chance of having a wet wedding decreases. Also, your RSVP rate may go up with school out and vacations in the forefront of people’s mind.

Cons: Hot. Hot. Hot. Summers in the South can be brutal, so either stock up on water for your guests or plan around the mid-day heat. It’s also a popular time for weddings, so availability for the wedding industry may be limited.


The time of year where pumpkin is king and the leaves are shedding their green and taking the plunge can be magical and beautiful, especially when punctuated with an incredible wedding.  

Pros: Once again we return to the heat. While some days in Fall may still be warm, for the most part the weather has turned tolerable for extended periods of time in the outdoors. A mountain wedding could be both exceptionally comfortable and provide a dramatic background for your wedding photos.

Cons: Football. Yes, football. Football is back and in SEC country that means Saturdays cheering on your favorite school. While your guests may show up despite their team playing, they’re sure to retreat to their phone during the reception to check the score. If it’s the Iron Bowl (or something similar) you’ll have a bunch of empty chairs. Plan accordingly.


Although there are few places in the South that receive a white blanket of Snow for Christmas, the stark contrast could provide a great backdrop for a wedding.

Pros: The energy of the holidays. You can harness this time of year for your benefit. Your wedding doesn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t be) 100 percent Christmas-centric, but it’s a magical time of year and you can use it to your advantage.

Cons: Well, this may be obvious, but it’s cold and wet, so outdoor weddings are pretty much out of the question (unless you’re in Miami). So you’ll have to choose a venue that is indoors and can accommodate your guest list, while sticking to a budget.

There is no right season for your wedding, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with (except for Iron Bowl weekend… seriously).

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